Brooklyn Drivers!

I don’t know how Brooklynites got so bad at driving. I don’t know if they inherited their lack of driving skills, or if at some point they just stopped giving a damn, but when I’m driving in Brooklyn I feel like this is it. This is how I’m going to leave this world. Whenever I venture out into the streets of Brooklyn behind the wheel I kiss my family goodbye and tell them I love them because it might be the last time they see me. Driving in Brooklyn is like going through a real life obstacle course. And coming from a Trini that’s saying a lot.

Anyone who’s ever been to Trinidad knows that we take all kinds of risks on the roads, and it really is no laughing matter, because there are deaths by vehicular accidents almost everyday in Trinidad. Hell, there were five just yesterday. That’s a lot for a country with only 1.2 million residents. People see the mangled wrecks in the news, shake their heads, and go right back to driving like maniacs. Sometimes I wonder if all the bad Brooklyn drivers are from Trinidad, but that’s because I drive mostly in the Caribbean neighborhoods and some of the “bad drives” I see here look like some shit a Trini would do. But trust me when I say that bad BK drivers come from all creeds and races. The Hasidic Jews have their bad drivers, and so do the Asians and Hispanics. Every neighborhood in Brooklyn has its share of straight ig’nant drivers and I’m a witness.

Stop signs and red lights are just mere suggestions. One time I saw a person, I don’t know the sex because it was just a blur, rush pass me as I came to a stop at the light. Mind you, the light was red for about two seconds already. You’d think that was it but he — I’m assuming it was a he because male drivers love living dangerously — ran the next light too. I turned around to see if the devil was chasing him but the road was clear. When I got home I turned on the evening news to see if that car was in an accident, but whoever was driving must be an experienced giver of no damns because they lived. Another time I reached a stop sign at an intersection right before a woman and she just rolled right on through it because eff me and these laws. I have a lot more examples but I don’t have all day.

They have never heard of signals. I get cut off with no warning all day everyday. I have just come to expect it. I’ve been living in Brooklyn for four years now, so my eyes are usually hundreds of feet ahead of me, expecting the worse and hoping for the best. I have to drive for myself and other people on the street or else I’m a dead woman. They just weave through traffic and may God be with the rest of us.


She from Brooklyn.

They have no patience. I’d be at a red light and within a nanosecond of the light changing to green the asshole behind me is leaning on his horn. One time this dude in a U-haul was behind me, the light changed to green and he honked at me and gave me the death stare. Meanwhile, there were two cars and a tractor trailer in front of me. Where in the hell was I supposed to go? Apparently wherever he was headed was more important than my destination. I mean WTF did he want me to do?


I’m not the almighty, sir.

If I was I wouldn’t be here -_-

I’ve driven in many states and counties. I drove in Italy for three years, but Brooklyn drivers will be the death of me. And I’m not even speaking figuratively. I’m scared! And what’s even scarier is I’m slowly becoming one of them.


4 thoughts on “Brooklyn Drivers!

  1. Everything you say is the gad damn truth. I’ve seen so many accidents and bad drivers myself. That Asian woman I saw her to I swear. If u can drive in Brooklyn u can drive anywhere in the world


  2. I am terrified just like you but I know to get over this fear , I have to drive like a Brooklynite 😊. I enjoyed reading this article. 😊


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